Enter the Mobilists: Devicescapers Presenting at Web 2.0 Conference

Posted on April 14, 2007

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Devicescape has been invited to a give a scheduled presentation at the Web 2.0 conference next week in San Francisco. And what, you may ask, is Devicescape *doing* with Web 2.0? Enabling the next revolution…Mobile 2.0.

Devicescape has always been involved with making connecting easier – especially when you are on the go – and now this phenomenon has take on the meme “Mobile 2.0.” This (r)evolution of the Mobile 2.0 space started with cell phones getting connected to the internet in early and simple ways – like downloading ring tones and SMS. The focus of late has been on increasing the access of phones to the web, email and other data services over traditional cellular networks.

We think things are going to be much bigger than this. First – there will be more devices than just your cell phone in this picture. All types of devices will evolve to be able to access all the content and applications available on the internet. Game systems, media players, GPS are just a few. Even the phone will continue its evolution to become more an appliance that just a simple cell phone. Today, you can hardly find a cell phone that doesn’t have a camera – and Blackberry’s and Smartphones are completely redefining the only device you carry wherever you go. But that’s not all – access to networks will change too. Accessing data over cell networks is akin to dial-up and can be expensive and slow. Devices will likely be able to access all the new applications and services not only on cell nets, but over the proliferating Wi-Fi networks as well. Brought together, multiple new devices along with more network coverage will spawn new mobile services, applications and businesses. A true Mobile 2.0 revolution.

It’s an exciting time, and there’s so much to discuss and debate – and Devicescape is entering the conversation at the upcoming Web 2.0 Conference that is happening in San Francisco this coming week. Systems Architect John Gordon and I will be discussing “Enabling Mobile 2.0” in a conference session in the Web 2.Open segment. We hope you will join us in the discussion and weigh in with what you think, what you want for the future, and where you believe this development will take us all.

Here’s the details:

Enabling Mobile 2.0

Web 2.Open (A part of O’Reilly Web 2.0)

Moscone Center West, 2nd Floor

San Francisco

Wednesday April 18

4:00pm – 4:50pm