Linux World 2007

Posted on August 7, 2007

While a lot of the blogging today has been around the Apple announcements this morning, I wanted to post something about the Linux World show, happening this week in San Francisco. I’m sitting at the edge of the show floor right now, having completed a first pass across the floor, and I thought I’d share the things that caught my attention.

First off, the show is mostly about enterprise Linux type application, so there are a lot of rack mount servers and enterprise software solutions here. But, in among those there are some exciting mobile related offerings too:

Access Linux
The first place I stopped was Access, to see their Access Linux Platform. ALP is a platform for developing mobile devices based on Linux, and it was exciting to see them taking such a prominent position on the floor here.

The other Linux platform for mobile devices, and one with a much longer heritage, is also here. Obviously, they had their Greenphone development platform on show, but they were also showing a number of other devices running their Phone Edition software.

I’ll add some information about mobile devices that caught my attention later on (and try to get some photos of them too).