Devicescape Pioneers

Posted on March 24, 2008

Since we launched Devicescape we’ve tried to find the right balance of stability and experimentation for new features. As the size of our community grows, however, we’re aware that we need a better method to gain high value feedback before a wider rollout. With this in mind, we’ve created the Pioneer Program as a way for our members to indicate their interest in early access to new features and capabilities.

Devicescape Pioneers will receive special invitations from time to time to try out new features we’re evaluating for the Devicescape service. There is no obligation other than trying things out and telling us what you think. You can decline to participate if you’re not interested in any test we invite you to, and you can also decide you don’t want to be a Pioneer at any time in which case we won’t bother you again. Easy!

If you’re interested in becoming a Pioneer, go to the portal at to read more and to sign up.