Starbucks+AT&T Sign Up

Posted on June 3, 2008

Starbucks+AT&T Sign UpFor those who have registered their Starbucks card and signed up for the 2 hours of free access and got your AT&T username, here’s how you can get your Devicescape account set up to use it automatically:

  1. From the My Wi-Fi page, choose AT&T Wi-Fi as the account type to add.
  2. Enter your new AT&T Wi-Fi user name with added after it (so, for example, mine would be the user name AT&T had assigned me was devicescape_john).
  3. Enter the password for your Starbucks account.
  4. Check the roaming box, and add the account.

And that’s it. You should be able to log in automatically next time you visit a Starbucks location.

Note: if you have another account type that works on the AT&T Wi-Fi network, such as Boingo Mobile or an AT&T DSL account, you will be better off using that and not adding a Starbucks AT&T Wi-Fi account since you are limited to just a single two-hour session each day with the Starbucks account (and remember you need to use the Starbucks card at least once every 30 days for it to stay active).