Welcome to your Digital Life

Posted on June 25, 2008

Are you connected? Do you stay connected to the internet, your work, family and friends via your laptop, mobile phone or iPod touch? Do you watch digital TV? I bet you do – and about 1000 people in Santa Clara today bet you partake of this digital life and will do more of the same in the very near future. In addition, analysts and industry pundits here at the Connections Digital Living Conference predict that you will be joined in your digital life by many, many more people.

While predictions are flying and new technologies being celebrated and bandied about –one thing from day one of this show sticks with me:

Phil McKinney, VP and CTO of the Personal Systems Group at HP predicts that by the year 2010 consumer and business alike will expect and demand seamless access from all their devices. Phil talked for a while about how consumers will demand the “perception” of always-on connectivity.

Imagine if you really could get connected to the internet as easy as dialing your cell phone. Imagine that information and data was able to easily stream back and forth between you and whatever internet site held the key to your desire of the moment – wherever you go. How much more could you do in a day? This could touch every aspect of life: work life, home life and even your leisure.

The Valhalla of always on is definitely not with us yet. There are still islands of Wi-Fi, GSM is still too expensive and getting connected is still to hard – but things are getting better all the time. Here at Devicescape, we’ve long been an advocate of seamless connectivity. Getting connected – especially when you are on the go – is just too damn hard. This holds us back. Not only the business of devices, services and operators – but as consumers. We’ve made some improvements already by bringing our Devicescape Connect solution to you. Now you can get quickly and easily connected at work, home and hotspots worldwide.

But more advances are needed – and more advances are coming…stay tuned and stay connected.