Devicescape and Making Digital Living Easy

Posted on June 26, 2008

Devicescape is showcasing our technologies this week at the Connections Digital Living Conference in Santa Clara, CA. This is a great location for us, since nearly ever session, at some point, discusses how essential “seamless connectivity” is to growing the digital living business – and hey – this is what we do.

Yesterday, we announced our essential role in enabling seamless connectivity and how we are constantly advancing our technology to improve ease of use and access for consumers. Access to services on the internet is the driving force behind device uptake – but what is holding growth of this industry back is that access is still too hard.

In the home, people need one touch set up. In the office, secure and fast connections. On the go – access everywhere. In essence, people want magic in the background – everywhere they go for everything they do.

That’s a tall order – but we’re working on it. And with our partners and all the big brains like these with us here at this conference, we’ll be getting there soon.