Easy Wi-Fi App Store Reviews

Posted on December 9, 2008

First off, we’d like to say thank you to everybody who has downloaded the Easy Wi-Fi application, in either version, and especially to those who have left reviews at the App Store. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t provide developers with any way to respond to the reviews that are posted there, so to those asking questions in that forum we’re sorry, we have no way to respond to you. If you’re still looking for an answer, please try our own discussion forum where we try to answer every question in a timely manner.

On to the reviews now though… I wanted to highlight some of my favourite reviews from the App Store, and perhaps answer some of the questions I see in there frequently.


From martino13:

Incredible time saver. A must-have app.

From KennMSr:

It’s About Time
It’s a shame AT&T didn’t provide this app themselves when they release[d] the service, considering how many time the[y] released a teaser then retracted the service. …

From CieloBrezza:

Much needed for Wifi users
Awesome app, truely a must-download for AT&T iPhone users. Saves time and trouble.

And finally, from TradeYourselfIn:

Exactly as advertised
People need to read the damn description, before giving a perfectly fine app negative reviews

And now some common questions, starting with the new version for AT&T iPhone users:

Why Does It Not Work On My iPod Touch?
This application was specifically tailored to work with the free access to Wi-Fi hotspots that AT&T is including with their iPhone data plans. The plan is not available to anybody else yet. But, we haven’t left iPod touch users out: our original, multi-network version of Easy Wi-Fi does run well on the iPod touch, and supports AT&T Wi-Fi (including the free Starbucks accounts).

Why Do You Need My Telephone Number?
We need your AT&T iPhone number because that is your user name for connecting to the AT&T Wi-Fi network. We’re not going to share it with anybody, call you or send you text messages. We just give it to AT&T’s authentication system each time you try to log in so that they can confirm your account is enabled for free Wi-Fi and let you on to the internet.

Can We Have A Location Aware Hotspot Finder?
Consider it added to the list of enhancements. Not promising anything, but we’ll certainly look into it. The advantage to linking to the AT&T site is that, in theory at least, it should be the most up to date place to find a location near you.

For the multi-network version:

Why Doesn’t It Work on AT&T?
The short answer is that it does, and very well. The difficulty with AT&T is that they have many different user name formats and you have to get it right otherwise their authentication system will reject you. Perhaps the most common one we’ve seen comments about is the free access via the Starbuck’s loyalty cards. For that, enter your username followed by @attwifi.com (so, for example, mine might be john@attwifi.com had I been lucky enough to get ‘john’ as my Starbuck’s/AT&T user name – I wasn’t!). For everybody else, the domain you need to add is the same as the one you select from the drop down list on the login web page (other common examples are @att.net and @sbcglobal.net).

Does It Work On My Campus Network?
If your campus has a web form for you to log in with, then it is possible. If your campus is using IEEE 802.1X, then no (but your iPhone/iPod touch should be able to connect to those using its built in Wi-Fi software now). If you want to check before buying, drop by our forum and leave us a question, or perhaps download the free Windows or Mac version and try that. If your network is not in the list, we do have a form where you can submit new networks to us for addition (we have around 2000 networks that we support already, and we’re always happy to add more).

It’s Not Working For Me, Where Can I Get Help?
Head on over to our forum to see if anybody else has asked the same thing, and if not post your question there. We try to respond to everything within a business day, though sometimes it might take us a little longer.