apps2High-Value, Low-Cost Connectivity For Apps

Boost your app’s performance with automated access to Devicescape’s huge, award-winning Wi-Fi network — at low or no cost.

Connect your customers automatically to high quality Wi-Fi at numerous popular retail, service, hospitality, and leisure locations.

Costs are minimized by revenues from low-volume, high-relevance advertising served at these locations.

Making Devicescape connectivity part of your app’s user experience:


Increases utility and usage


Creates effective differentiation


Improves customer retention


If you want to drive incremental advertising revenues — and your app doesn’t need connectivity — join our distribution network.

Offset costs with Devicescape Engage

We enable low- and no cost access to our network by delivering low volume, high value advertising messages to customers’ smartphones.

Messages are location-relevant, and served as lock screen notifications — so they don’t interfere with app functions.

Our messages are more valuable and less intrusive for the consumer than traditional banners and interstitials.

Revenue from these highly contextual advertising messages flows back to our app partners, offsetting the cost of connectivity — or covering it completely.