Brands-transparent-2_04In-Store Engagement At Scale

Deliver in-store messages to consumers at numerous high-footfall retail and hospitality locations.

Devicescape Engage replicates the proximity beacon experience using existing in-store Wi-Fi.

Our solution is retailer-independent and delivers ubiquity today, with no need for new hardware.

Messages are delivered at the right time, in the right place, at the points of greatest influence within the shopper journey.

Messages are served to consumers’ smartphones as location-specific lock screen notifications.

Those notifications direct consumers to redeemable offers or advertising.

Commercial campaigns to date have delivered an average CTR of 13%.


Devicescape Engage offers powerful benefits


Huge scale: Millions of retail, hospitality, service and leisure locations today


Retailer-independent software solution. No need to wait for beacon deployment.


Ready-made audience thanks to our distribution network of popular apps