iPhone Gives Birth to the Next Generation Device

Posted on June 9, 2008

The importance of the iPhone to next generation devices is profound and therefore the importance of this device to us at Devicescape is likewise monumental. By all accounts, the iPhone recorded sales of 5.4 million devices in its first 10 months. Some say this is equal to the number of devices Nokia sells in a week, so why all the hub-bub about iPhone and not Nokia? The iPhone isn’t just a mobile phone. It’s in a special category of “smartphone” – and it charged out of the gate and captured 28% of the smartphone market within 6 months of launch. That’s a pretty spectacular market share for a new entrant into a fairly well established market. And the iPhone isn’t just stealing away existing marketshare – its expanding the market for smartphones and increasing demand. This smartphone market had been largely aimed at business and enterprise users and the iPhone is really aimed at traditional Apple markets – cools and creatives. This has opened up the smartphone market to new audiences that have not previously been targets. Called the “iPhone Effect” by industry analysts, ABI Research now predicts that the smartphone market will grow from around 10 per cent of…

Cool Customer

Posted on April 15, 2007

It’s always so fabulous when a customer completely understands the value of what you provide and even shares the vision of what you are striving to deliver in the future. A recent post to the Off Beat Mammal site so perfectly defines the Devicescape value proposition that I want to share it. Check out this post titled: “Never Log on to a Hotspot Again” where Off Beat Mammal writes: “I’m hoping one day to be able to go anywhere in the world and not have to think about connecting but just enjoy ubiquitous connectivity with services like Devicescape performing magic in the background.” Thank you Off Beat Mammal – for the post and for getting the vision of what we do and sharing the vision of where we are going!