What we do

The soaring demands of mobile data present huge challenges for telecom operators. Their networks, which are expensive to deploy and manage, are constrained by limited spectrum, which can often lead to inadequate coverage and performance. To address this issue, Devicescape has created an entirely new kind of network platform—the Devicescape Service Platform—that is global in scope and orders of magnitude cheaper than current alternatives. The platform—which is fully software based, stringently managed for quality, massive (with more than 20 million amenity Wi-Fi locations), and fast growing—enables a variety of unparalleled services at unmatched operating costs.

How we got here

We live in an increasingly ubiquitously connected world. We are surrounded by intelligent electronics that provide us with access to an ever-expanding range of services. Simplistic, single-function, standalone black boxes have been replaced with vibrant service-enabled devices that derive their value from internet-based content and applications—and from their interactions with each other. At Devicescape, we refer to this image as the devicescape, and this vision shapes our mission and fuels our passion.

Connecting the devicescape

Of course, a connected world demands a network, and a service-enabled device needs a connection mechanism. Devicescape believes that Wi-Fi has a critical role to play in this, as a widely deployed, high-performance, low-cost technology that is ideal for mass connectivity. And so we began the company with the goal of harnessing Wi-Fi to mediate among devices, the network, and services.

History: Devices

Our history begins with devices—enabling the world’s most innovative electronics companies to create outstanding products with secure, high-performance, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi. Our products initially powered enterprise and home connectivity for hundreds of millions of handsets, PCs, game systems, and consumer and office electronics at companies like Motorola, HP, Nokia, BlackBerry, Intel, Nintendo, Samsung, NEC, and Brother. Later, as Wi-Fi migrated into public spaces, we began work on mobile connectivity, using public Wi-Fi and in particular embracing the concept of Adaptive Network Selection and an "always best connected" experience.


Originally focused on developing Wi-Fi software for a plethora of internet-enabled consumer devices, Devicescape today builds on more than a decade of experience in magnifying mobile network capabilities and elevating the mobile experience. At the heart of all this expertise in Wi-Fi, mobile, and virtualization is the Devicescape-inspired approach of curation. In the wireless network context, curation is the art of carefully discovering, qualifying, and preserving both the best network to connect to at the best time and an "über-net" of high-quality amenity Wi-Fi hotspots that take the "always best connected" user experience to the next level.

The Curated Virtual Network

Devicescape created the concept of the Curated Virtual Network. The CVN is a massive global network formed from the millions of small Wi-Fi networks already deployed in our public spaces, typically as an amenity for customers and citizens. Through our patented curation processes, we discover and constantly evaluate the capability of each network location, filtering the best down into a high-quality subset that acts as a single virtual network. The CVN leverages the best qualities of Wi-Fi—cost, ubiquity, performance—to provide a huge network with unparalleled characteristics for devices and the services they provide.

Adaptive Network Selection

Mobile devices are defined by their network connection. Recently, with the explosion of smartphones and tablets and with soaring demand for media-intensive services, operators and other service providers have adopted a variety of strategies for managing the huge growth in data consumption. A key strategy is the integration of Wi-Fi into the overall network to help expand capacity-reach. The Devicescape Service Platform, with or without the CVN, is designed to help operators and other service providers perform Adaptive Network Selection—to choose the best network for the task, whether it's the mobile network, their own Wi-Fi network, a partner Wi-Fi network, or the Devicescape CVN. This defines the future of Devicescape, as we continue to expand our leadership in Wi-Fi while expanding its complementary relationship with other connection methodologies.

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