Elevate the "always best connected" experience.

Originally focused on developing Wi-Fi software for a plethora of internet-enabled consumer devices, Devicescape today builds on more than a decade of experience in magnifying mobile network capabilities and elevating the mobile experience. At the heart of all this expertise in Wi-Fi, mobile, and virtualization is the Devicescape-inspired approach of curation.

In the wireless network context, curation is the art of carefully discovering, qualifying, and preserving both the best network to connect to at the best time and an "über-net" of high-quality amenity Wi-Fi hotspots that take the "always best connected" user experience to the next level.

Discovering applies both to finding new connectable networks and to identifying new hotspot candidates for the Devicescape Curated Virtual Network (CVN). Qualifying means using analytics, real-time Curation QoE measurements, and cloud-based policies to select the best attachable networks. And preserving means providing a continuous monitoring and flow of available networks, quality levels, and adaptive policies—all for the purpose of elevating the user experience.

As curator of the Wi-Fi mobile network connection experience, Devicescape carefully manages the CVN. Individual access points are constantly rated, then retained or removed based on measurements and information reported by the multitude of devices using Devicescape Curator Client software.

The result is a fast, sure way to give operators an order-of-magnitude boost in capacity-reach while ensuring that subscribers are always connected to the best available network at the best times.


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