Popwifi: A Ubiquitous Proximity Marketing Network

Popwifi: A Ubiquitous Proximity Marketing Network

Millions of shared public Wi-Fi access points within the Devicescape CVN combine to act as a huge, pre-installed beacon network.

Popwifi powers proximity marketing at many thousands of high-footfall locations, delivering ubiquity where it counts — with no new hardware required.

It allows brands to target consumers at the right time, in the right places, and drives incremental revenue for app owners and operators.

Devicescape Venue Owner Engagement

Brands: Engage Shoppers In Location

Popwifi delivers your message to consumers’ smartphones as they enter retail locations relevant to your product or service.

Your message is delivered at the point of greatest influence — when the customer is in-store with intent to spend but has not yet made their purchase decision.

Notifications are delivered to your specifications; at the right time, in the right place.

App Owners: Add Value, Increase Revenue

Popwifi offers a new way for you to generate incremental advertising revenue, without disrupting your app’s user experience.

A simple SDK integration allows your app to deliver location-specific lock screen notifications across our huge location network.

Notifications are always relevant to your users and you earn a flat fee on every paid notification delivered through your app. You take credit for giving your users automatic, high quality, free Wi-Fi at any location where notifications are live.

Devicescape End-User Engagement

Operators: Get Your Share of Mobile Advertising Revenue

Popwifi deals you into the revenue generated from mobile advertising served to your customer base.

It allows you to monetize customers’ use of public Wi-Fi, driving growth straight to your bottom line.

Your customers opt into receive highly relevant offers and messages. In return they receive automatic access to free Wi-Fi at their favorite retail and hospitality destinations.

You take credit for extending customers’ connectivity to the Wi-Fi at premium indoor locations where mobile network coverage and data usage are often limited.

Devicescape Engagement for Service Providers
Devicescape Engagement for Service Providers

Merchants: Engage Your Customers In-Store

Popwifi enables venue owners to engage their customers while in-store and improve the customer’s connected experience.

It offers an elegant mechanism to greet your customers as they enter your location while driving awareness of in-store deals and offers.

It can auto-connect customers to your Wi-FI, improving their in-store experience and enhancing the performance of your connected services, including payments and apps.

You gain valuable insights into footfall, Wi-Fi usage and performance.

Popwifi works today, is fully compatible with your existing Wi-Fi installation, and requires no new hardware deployment.

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