Devicescape Shows New Approach to Magnifying Network Capacity-Reach
Date: May 29, 2013

Devicescape, a provider of a wireless networking software, recently announced that David Nowicki, the CMO, would present something new at CTIA 2013. After placing free Wi-Fi connectivity in the city of Las Vegas on May 22, Nowicki gave a presentation called “Magnify Capacity-Reach and Elevate User Experience” at 12:15 PM last Wednesday at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. His presentation explained how public Wi-Fi utilization can present influential effects on data usage.


The CTIA hosts a convention annually where the top telecom names in the industry present new innovations and concepts. This year the convention took place in Las Vegas, Nevada and included some interesting technologies such as the Kevo, which is an electronic lock that connects via Bluetooth to your phone to allow keyless entry. Ericsson presented a smart window that integrated cellular technology with an interactive screen. Lastly, ZAGG announced a new enclosure for the iPad Mini that includes an embedded tactile keyboard which is similar to the keyboard cover for Microsoft Surface.

Devicescape presented a new way to ensure optimal network capacity in wireless networks through its Curator Service solution. This solution is a piece of software that uses intelligent network selection that allows carriers to point their subscribers to the best available Wi-Fi network for maximized user experience. The Curator Service Platform brings an answer to the dilemma of capacity-reach, which presents problems when too many people are streaming from one particular Wi-Fi router.

Since Devicescape is connected with the largest virtual network of high-quality Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile service providers are able to automate network selection to provide great user experience wherever their users may be. The company dedicated itself to ensuring that mobile subscribers receive the best level of experience possible in their wireless adventures.

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