What does Devicescape Engage do?

Devicescape Engage gives popular apps brands the ability to send advertising and engagement messages to end users’ smartphones, based on their presence at, or in, a specific location or venue.

Smartphone apps embed our software so they can provide new functionality or earn revenue by delivering these messages through their apps. Anyone receiving messages has installed one of these apps on their smartphone and accepted the necessary terms and conditions.

How do we derive location?

Our software looks at nearby Wi-Fi networks and figures out location and presence based on that information.

What else do we know?

Actually we don’t know anything about individuals, personally. We don’t know their name, address, or any of their contact details and we won’t ask for them. We don’t know anything about internet browsing, or other smartphone-based behavior, and we can’t read any messages, or other device content.

Although we do not ask for this information, consumers do have the option to share their age and gender, allowing us to tailor campaigns to ensure relevance. Sometimes we may require them to declare they are within a certain age group where messages relate to age-specific products. Regardless, sharing this information is never mandatory and consumers can always opt out.

We do assign a unique ID to each device so that we can provide more relevant service, in particular to understand which of our partners’ messages have been engaged with on any given device. Depending on the application we are included within, we may collect the device’s advertising identifier (IDFA for iOS and Ad ID for Android; anonymous and provided by the OS). In this case, the app will disclose this to you in its own terms.

We know which Wi-Fi networks a device has been in range of and we use that information to understand the different locations where the device has been.

What do we do with this information?

We use it to improve the relevance and value of the advertising messages we deliver, and to understand footfall at different public places. The better the product, the better the consumer experience.

Do we supply this data to other companies?

Advertisers get to see response rates for their campaigns. In some instances we may also supply some of those anonymous advertising identifiers, so advertisers can provide relevant advertising across a range of platforms.