Elevate the user experience with the Devicescape Curator Service.

Curator Service for Operators

Devicescape tackles a complex challenge: elevating the end-user experience by magnifying the capacity-reach of mobile networks. To accomplish this, Devicescape has engineered a three-part solution comprising:

  • A powerful cloud-based Curator Service Platform (CSP) that curates enormous amounts of connection-related data in real time, guiding the Curator Client to select the best network at the best time
  • A fast, reliable Curator Client for automatic intelligent network selection and real-time QoE detection
  • A vast Curated Virtual Network (CVN)—the world's largest—of high-quality hotspots that are constantly evaluated, qualified, and monitored

Operators can use these three elements to achieve industry-leading incremental Wi-Fi offload rates—typically ranging from 15% to 50%—while simultaneously elevating their customers' overall mobile experience.

Sound impossible? It's not. Curation—the careful, repeated validation and monitoring of millions of amenity (free, public, and intentionally shared) Wi-Fi access points—is the key to fully illuminating potential network capacity-reach. It's also critical to the growing trend of delivering an automated, "always best connected" user experience over diverse networks, including macro-cellular and small cells with Wi-Fi.

Devicescape's curation process ensures a careful, dynamic selection of the best network to connect to, driven by individual operator polices and end-user preferences. Devicescape's machine learning algorithms and patented curation technology combine to catapult network capacity into a state of constant expansion.

As the curation innovator and leader, Devicescape is the one company you need to partner with when it comes to Wi-Fi offload, intelligent network selection, and delivery of an elevated, "always best connected" experience.

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