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Devicescape, Inc.

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The soaring demands of mobile data present huge challenges for telecom operators. Their networks, which are expensive to deploy and manage, are constrained by limited spectrum, which can often lead to inadequate coverage and performance. To address this issue, Devicescape has created an entirely new kind of network platform—the Devicescape Service Platform—that is global in scope and orders of magnitude cheaper than current alternatives. The platform—which is fully software based, stringently managed for quality, massive (with more than 20 million amenity Wi-Fi locations), and fast growing—enables a variety of unparalleled services at unmatched operating costs.

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The company is privately held and backed by leading venture capital companies including Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, August Capital, Jafco Ventures, and Enterprise Partners.

Executive Team

Management Team

David Fraser, Chief Executive Officer 
Cedar Milazzo, Vice President, Engineering
David Nowicki, Chief Marketing Officer
Tim Owen, Vice President, Sales, EMEA
Rafael Santini, Vice President of Business Development & Sales America
John Gordon, Chief Technology Officer, Architecture

Board of Directors

David Fraser, Chief Executive Officer
Rich Wyckoff, Executive Chairman
Joe Horowitz, Jafco Ventures, Managing General Partner
John Johnston, August Capital, Partner
Doug Mackenzie, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, General Partner
Arun Sarin, Chief Executive – Retired, Vodafone Group PLC

Service Platform

Service Platform

Devicescape's Service Platform comprises three elements: the Curator Client for adaptive network selection, the Curator Cloud, and the world's largest Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of Wi-Fi hotspots. The combination of these three elements makes it possible to both elevate the customer experience and achieve industry-leading incremental Wi-Fi offload rates, typically ranging from 15% to 50%. The service addresses a growing trend of delivering an "always best connected" experience over heterogeneous networks, including macro-cellular and small cells with Wi-Fi. The curation process carefully and dynamically selects the best network based on operator-set polices and end-user preferences.

Curator Client

  • Is an advanced adaptive network selection application for smartphones, tablets, and laptops .
  • Connects devices automatically, based on operator parameters and, as desired, user preferences.
  • Measures real-time QoE and performs congestion detection at the device level and from the perspective of the end user, leading to more accurate network selection than network-only selection techniques.
  • Works automatically as a system service application and requires no user interaction.
  • Provides a UI option for the operator to rebrand and reinforce the benefit of the service to the end user.

Curator Cloud

  • Is a policy-driven, cloud-based curation service that works closely with the Curator Client to provide adaptive network selection, controlling subscribers' connections based on operator requirements for data traffic management.
  • Creates and manages a customized CVN for each mobile operator, based on selection of Devicescape’s CVN and existing operator Wi-Fi assets.
  • Relies on device-to-cloud, patented machine learning algorithms that constantly identify and qualify amenity-based Wi-Fi hotspots, including real-time quality of experience (QoE) measurement.
  • Provides Wi-Fi usage analytics—even when the subscriber is off the mobile network—to complement existing mobile network analytics.
  • Provides extensible APIs and interfaces with operator billing mechanisms.

Curated Virtual Network (CVN) (See how)

  • Is dynamically curated from hundreds of millions of hotspots worldwide using the Service Platform working with the Curator Client.
  • Is a massive network of amenity (free, public, and intentionally shared) network connections, growing larger by the minute and taking advantage of crowd-sourcing techniques.
  • Can be customized for each wireless operator, based on speed, bandwidth, roaming, and user experience requirements.
  • Is a unique asset that enables industry-leading intelligent network selection and offload, positioning Devicescape clearly ahead of alternative, client-only techniques that don't utilize a CVN.

Services Suite

Access Services

  • Affiliate Curator optimizes use of both operator deployed and partner managed Wi-Fi networks as a single seamless smartphone access solution.
  • Adaptive Network Selection takes account of mobile network conditions, operator policies, and user controls to adapt in real-time to network conditions and deliver the ultimate ‘always best connected’ experience to subscribers.
  • Personal Curator optimizes in-home and office Wi-Fi connections and provides a foundation for efficient general connectivity.
  • Public Curator introduces automatic connectivity to Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network (CVN) within the country in question. The CVN currently numbers some 20 million quality controlled and actively monitored access points and is growing rapidly.
  • Roaming Curator provides similar automated and quality-controlled access to the CVN in countries outside of the domestic service provided by the Public Curator.

Engagement Services

Insight Services

Notable Devicescape Customers

  • ROK Mobile
  • Virgin Media
  • Cricket Wireless
  • Competitive Carriers Association
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • MetroPCS
  • Bouygues Telecom (France)
  • U.S. Cellular
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Republic Wireless
  • Flash Wireless
  • Public Mobile (Canada)

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Stephanie Schlegel
Babel PR for Deviescape
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Andrew Eldridge
Babel PR for Devicescape
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