amenity Wi-Fi

Free, public, and intentionally shared Wi-Fi access, as in a café, public library, or lodging.


The careful, repeated validation and monitoring of a virtual network of amenity (free, public, and intentionally shared) Wi-Fi hotspots, to greatly improve the general availability of network access by user devices in a given location.

machine learning technology

Curator technology that crunches the data gathered over time through intelligent network selection and vets hotspots for inclusion in the massive Devicescape Curated Virtual Network (CVN), through a process of validating and recording performance metrics and other characteristics: (1) checking whether they have previously been ruled out; if not, (2) checking for adequate quality, access rules, keys, bypass methods, and authentication; and (3) if qualified, adding them to the CVN for continued monitoring; those that soon generate positive user experiences remain in the CVN and are monitored with all subsequent connections.

proximity marketing

Localized wireless distribution of marketing content associated with a particular venue. Typically, the marketing content is managed by the venue owner; it can include promotional content for a new product, service, or event; a request for a survey response or feedback; a link to social media outlets; and more.

When using Devicescape’s PopWiFi service, the venue owner offers the proximity marketing content to individuals who are connected to the venue’s amenity Wi-Fi.

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