operators-transparentImproved Service. Enhanced Revenue

Boost your connectivity service with Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network of shared Wi-Fi — the perfect complement to cellular.

Use our network to drive incremental revenue from high value, low-volume proximity-based mobile advertising.

More Coverage, More Capacity, Less Cost

Devicescape’s huge network of freely shared Wi-Fi offers a powerful complement to cellular connectivity — unmatched on cost and coverage.

It enables you to give customers automatic access to high-quality, shared Wi-Fi in countless popular retail and hospitality locations worldwide.

Adding Devicescape to your connectivity service:


Rewards the customer with an improved experience


Improves coverage — indoor and roaming


Alleviates capacity problems


Offers significant economic efficiencies


Get your share of mobile advertising revenue

Use the Devicescape network to serve high-value, low-volume advertising messages to customers’ smartphones in public places.

Messages and offers are delivered as lock screen notifications and are always relevant to your customer’s location.

Customers are rewarded with automatic access to free, high quality Wi-Fi at top retail and hospitality destinations.