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Devicescape serves a rich ecosystem of companies focused on providing the Always Best Connected experience for their customers.

As well as chipset and OS providers, Devicescape’s partners include device manufacturers and venue owners.


Devicescape Partners

Differentiate your Device with
Unmatched Connectivity


Smartphones, tablets, platform chipsets, consumer electronics, and operating systems, these products are at their best when they are connected to quality networks. And whether you are interested in the benefits of data offload or simply seeking a better user experience, the Devicescape Service Platform will add differentiation to your product by ensuring it is Always Best Connected. 

Devicescape has innovative ways of working with the device ecosystem. Whether you’re seeking support for your mobile operator customer requirements, or want to increase the performance of your Wi-Fi-only product, Devicescape can provide a unique partnership and business model that benefits both you and your customers.

As the curation innovator and leader, Devicescape can help your connected product perform better, sell better, and drive increased profitability. 


Keeping Businesses Always Best Connected to Customers

Studies have shown that offering free Wi-Fi to customers enables business owners to drive significant improvements in key metrics, including footfall, time spent on premises, and — most importantly — revenue.

But with Popwifi, venue owners can take these benefits to another level by turning their Wi-Fi service into a contextual, proximity-based, interactive marketing channel.

Popwifi gives businesses:


  • Seamless connectivity.  Popwifi connects customers automatically to the venue’s free Wi-Fi network, without staff having to explain the log-in process to every person who walks through the door.
  • A comprehensive, interactive marketing solution. Venue owners can choose from a range of preset messages — designed for gathering in-store feedback, customer surveys, or driving greater social network interaction. Alternatively they can create custom messages; to promote a new product or event, for example.
  • Real-time, trustworthy customer feedback. The problem with some online review processes is that there’s no guarantee the reviewer ever visited the business in question. With Popwifi, this uncertainty disappears, because the reviewer has to be connected to the business Wi-Fi to post their comments. Because the system is real-time, business owners are able to respond in the moment, while the customer is still on the premises.

Devicescape Venue Owners Solutions
  • Constant visibility thanks to an easy-to-understand analytics dashboard. The Popwifi dashboard displays a “business scorecard” for the day, week, or month which includes survey results and feedback messages. The dashboard also displays how many notifications were sent to customers and how many were read, making it easy for the venue owner to tailor messaging for the highest impact. Venue owners can also measure overall Wi-Fi quality of experience (QoE) so they can compare their Wi-Fi to that offered by other businesses in the same area.

The Popwifi service works with any Wi-Fi hotspot hardware, so there is no need to buy new equipment. And because the Popwifi solution leverages the millions of mobile devices that run the Devicescape Curator Client, there’s no upload or download routines for venue owners to support. Customer connection is fast and seamless, and requires no technical support.


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