Popwifi FAQ

What is Popwifi?
Popwifi is the world’s shared Wi-Fi community. Our app connects you instantly — and for free — to shared Wi-Fi in millions of locations where people get together. Once you’re connected it lets you chat and interact with other community members who are at, or interested in, the same places as you (customers, guests, staff, students, colleagues, etc). When you join the community by downloading our app you can discover new Popwifi locations, so you help the community to grow! Popwifi will sometimes send you notifications from popular brands with offers and messages relevant to the place you’re visiting.
What and where is the Popwifi network?
Any place with shared Wi-Fi is a potential Popwifi venue, and millions are already active! These include large stores and restaurant chains, and many small, independent businesses and public buildings. All of these places share their Wi-Fi for free and Popwifi will often connect you automatically (if the venue requires a password you may have to enter it – see below). You can find Popwifi places using the map in Popwifi’s ‘Nearby’ view.
Will I be charged to use Popwifi?
Popwifi is completely free for users.
Does Popwifi connect me automatically to all Wi-Fi networks?
Popwifi connects you automatically to Wi-Fi networks at many places, saving you the effort of searching for Wi-Fi and having to deal with annoying login screens. Popwifi is also active at some places which have password-protected Wi-Fi or require you to have an account. At these places you’ll have to enter a password or log in manually. Once you’re connected Popwifi gives you exactly the same social functions so you can interact with other users interested in the location you’re visiting.


iPhone users: You’ll need to teach your device to use Wi-Fi at Popwifi places, by opening up ‘Settings’ at the Wi-Fi screen. Look for networks with ‘Popwifi’ underneath the Wi-Fi network name and tap to connect. You only need to do this once for each Wi-Fi network.

I didn’t download Popwifi, how did it appear on my phone?
Popwifi has partners who pre-install our app or put it inside their own apps to provide you with better connectivity or improved access to the services they provide to you. Our partners include retailers, app developers, device vendors, and connectivity providers.
Does Popwifi use my personal information?

Popwifi respects your anonymity and we do not collect or share any personal data. You can read our privacy policy at www.devicescape.com/privacy

Am I anonymous on Popwifi?
Popwifi lets you be as anonymous as you want to be. One unique feature of Popwifi is that it lets you post under any username you choose, and change it as often as you wish. You can be as public or as private with your views as you like. Other users cannot discover your identity through the names you’ve used, your posts, or your favorites.
What is a Wall?

A Wall is like a virtual message board or guestbook for any real-life, physical place. Most of these places are businesses or public buildings which share their Wi-Fi for free with customers, visitors and guests. At Popwifi, we figured a place that shared its Wi-Fi with you would really benefit from a ‘digital space’ where anyone using the network could talk and interact. Hence the Wall, which works like a social network but is specific to a physical place and its Wi-Fi.

How do I find a venue’s Wall?

When you connect to Wi-Fi in a venue, Popwifi will let you know there’s a Wall for you to use; you just have to tap the notification to reach it. If the Wall has never been used before, you could be the first person to post on it! The Popwifi app may ask you to tell us something about the venue; for example, confirming the details we have for it. Although most Popwifi places are businesses and intended for public use (meaning they will appear in the ‘Nearby’ view to users at other venues) a wall at a private location like a home or office can be marked private. This means it can only be seen by users who can access that particular Wi-Fi network.

Is Popwifi safe to use?
To safeguard your experience Popwifi only auto-connects you to Wi-Fi offered by Popwifi network partners, and verifies each network for quality and authenticity. However, not all networks and network owners encrypt the traffic between your phone and the access point (router) which connects you to the internet. Fortunately most apps and sensitive websites already encrypt your data so they don’t have to rely on how their users are connected. If you are concerned about security you may wish to investigate using a VPN service.
A Popwifi message appeared on my phone when I was at home. What does that mean?
Popwifi shows welcome messages when you are in a place where a Wall has become active. These are normally businesses in the Popwifi Network. The Popwifi app also allows you to create Walls in new places, such as your home, so that you can use it to communicate with family and friends. Unlike businesses, your home Wall is private — only people who can access your Wi-Fi network can see it.
Can I opt out of Popwifi?
Yes. Click on ‘Profile’ in the Popwifi menu and switch off Popwifi messages.
Who should I contact if my questions were not answered here?

Please contact us at info@popwifi.com