Popwifi FAQ

What is Popwifi?

Popwifi is an app which connects you instantly  — and for free — to shared Wi-Fi in millions of popular places.

It is the new name for the Wi-Fi Now app, previously provided by U.S. Cellular.

Where does Popwifi Work?

Popwifi gets you connected at lots of different places. Large stores and restaurant chains, bus and train stations, hotels and airports, colleges and universities, and many small, independent businesses and public buildings as well.

Will I be charged to use Popwifi?

Popwifi is completely free to use.

Does Popwifi connect me automatically to all Wi-Fi networks?

Popwifi connects you automatically to Wi-Fi networks at millions of places, so you don’t have to search for Wi-Fi or deal with annoying login screens. It will not auto-connect you at places which require passwords or accounts in order to access Wi-Fi.


I am a U.S. Cellular customer. How did I get Popwifi?

Popwifi is the new name for the U.S. Cellular Wi-Fi Now app. It delivers exactly the same great service as before, although US Cellular is no longer providing it.

The app is now provided by Devicescape, the same company that provided it on behalf of U.S. Cellular when it was called Wi-Fi Now.

Does Popwifi use my personal information?

Popwifi respects your privacy and does not collect your personal data. You can read our privacy policy at www.devicescape.com/privacy

Is Popwifi safe to use?

To safeguard your experience Popwifi only auto-connects you to Wi-Fi that has been verified for quality and authenticity. However, not all networks and network owners encrypt the traffic between your phone and the access point (router) which connects you to the internet. Fortunately most apps and sensitive websites already encrypt your data so they don’t have to rely on how their users are connected. If you are concerned about security you may wish to investigate using a VPN service.

Who should I contact if my questions were not answered here?

Please contact us at info@popwifi.com