DataSaver Helps Android Users Get More Out of Their Data Plan

New Android App Reduces Cellular Data Consumption By Using Devicescape Virtual Public WiFi

SAN BRUNO, Calif., June 19, 2012 — Devicescape, the leader in WiFi offload services, today announced the launch of the DataSaver Android application. As rich content experiences become increasingly mobile, smartphone users are now more mindful of their data consumption and possible overage fees. DataSaver helps reduce cellular data consumption through automatically finding and using WiFi networks which provide a high quality data service without impact on monthly allowances.

While most smartphone users know they can connect to their home WiFi for unlimited service, they don’t enjoy the same benefit while mobile. Outside of a few well-known retail locations, public WiFi can be difficult to find, and complex to connect to. DataSaver works completely automatically by connecting to Devicescape’s curated, virtual network (CVN) of over 8 million WiFi hotspots.

“DataSaver is one app all Android users should have installed, and best of all, it’s free,” said Jean-Marc Matteini, GM of Consumer for Devicescape. “The app is completely automatic, and given the tremendous size of the Devicescape Network, our users can cut their cellular data consumption by 30% or more.”

DataSaver has two key functionalities:

A Connection Manager – Automatic access to the Devicescape CVN of 8 million WiFi hotspots.  Users can also set-up personal WiFi hotspot accounts (home, school, airports, etc.), even those that may require a login, for a true hassle-free WiFi experience.

A Data Manager – Data Speed and Data Savings widgets give users feedback on their current data connection performance and their WiFi versus 3G/4G usage. Users are notified when they are getting close to their data plan, with tips on how to improve their data savings.  Users can also check which applications consume what amount of data.

All this information and more is displayed in an easy-to-use and dynamic user interface.

Devicescape’s free DataSaver app for Android is available for download now on Google Play ( Get it before you spend another dollar in overage fees!

About Devicescape

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