Devicescape and BandwidthX Integrate CVN into Wi-Fi Capacity Trading Solution for Network Operators

Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of Amenity Wi-Fi now accessible on-demand through cloud-based BxMarket platform

SAN BRUNO, Calif., November 17th, 2015 – Devicescape today announced a strategic partnership that will see its Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of amenity Wi-Fi integrated into the offering of Wi-Fi capacity marketplace provider BandwidthX.

The partnership allows operators to buy CVN access on an on-demand, dynamic pricing basis, giving them a vital capacity boost exactly when, where, and for how long they need it.

The CVN, a crowd-sourced network of more than 20 million Amenity Wi-Fi access points worldwide, is a highly versatile connectivity asset, offering strategic benefits to a growing range of connectivity service providers, including mobile operators, MVNOs and Wi-Fi First operators.

Devicescape champions a ‘Connectivity First’ service model which allows operators to blend cellular with commercial, public and private Wi-Fi into a service that delivers whatever connectivity is best suited to the end user’s immediate circumstances — managed at all times for quality.

The partnership with BandwidthX reflects Devicescape’s commitment to making the huge coverage and capacity advantages of the CVN available to operators with the greatest possible flexibility.

“As connectivity services evolve to reflect the growing strategic value of Wi-Fi to operators, a variety of means by which they can harness its benefits is required,” said Dave Fraser, CEO, Devicescape. “Real-time Wi-Fi capacity trading as managed by BandwidthX is exactly the kind of innovation we believe will help accelerate the full integration of all forms of connectivity into a single, coherent smartphone service.”

This latest news follows the announcement of a partnership between Devicescape and iPass in August this year that integrated amenity Wi-Fi and commercial Wi-Fi into a single offering for the first time.

“We are pleased to add Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network to our dynamic Wi-Fi marketplace,” said Pertti Visuri, CEO, BandwidthX. “By applying the BxMarket function of precisely controlling when, where, what kind, and how much Wi-Fi each mobile device will use, we believe that Wi-Fi can provide the highest value to mobile operators. CVN will be a great additional resource in BxMarket.”

For further detail on this announcement see this announcement from BandwidthX. For more information on Devicescape visit or follow us on Twitter @Devicescape.



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