Devicescape Assists OEMs Affected by Wi-Fi KRACK Security Vulnerability

Software integration and testing services address Krack vulnerability for enterprise, commercial, and industrial devices which require WPA2 security

San Francisco, CA, November 8th, 2017  – Devicescape, a leader in innovative WI-Fi solutions, is offering software integration and testing services to address the Wi-Fi KRACK security vulnerability announced in October 2017.

The Wi-Fi KRACK security vulnerability exploits a weakness in the Wi-Fi WPA2 security protocol, which affects nearly all Wi-Fi devices today.  A security update is strongly recommended for enterprise, commercial, and industrial Wi-Fi devices that require WPA2 security for sensitive applications.

In some cases, the security update consists of a software patch, developed specifically for the OEM’s specific supplicant version.  In other cases, such as for legacy Windows embedded platforms (Windows CE, Windows Mobile, and Windows Embedded Compact 7), a full supplicant replacement is required for the security update.

Testing and validation services are provided by Devicescape technology partner dB Performance, a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance.


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