Devicescape Launches Coverage Continuity Solution for Mobile Operators

Unique connectivity safeguard allows operators to maintain connection quality in challenging cellular conditions

San Bruno, Calif., February 24th, 2015 — Devicescape today announced the launch of its Coverage Continuity solution, which delivers essential smartphone connectivity support for operators’ mobile networks.

Coverage Continuity allows operators to use the Devicescape Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of amenity Wi-Fi locations to keep smartphone users connected when they find themselves beyond the best performance of cellular networks, either because of coverage limitations or network load. Furthermore, the solution identifies and reports on locations where end users experience connectivity problems, allowing operators to more effectively prioritize network optimization investments.

A powerful antidote to indoor connectivity problems, Coverage Continuity is a far-reaching and cost-effective complement to the small cell and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) investments that mobile operators have already made.

Network performance analysis conducted by Devicescape at a wide range of public indoor locations across 15 different countries shows that 4G/LTE signals often degrade rapidly as devices move indoors, leaving users without service or with a lower-performing 3G signal. At the same time, amenity Wi-Fi is frequently available, offering a connection consistent with the high quality 4G/LTE signal typically available outdoors.

Coverage Continuity monitors any degradation in cellular connectivity and switches the device to CVN Wi-Fi automatically, ensuring the user’s connectivity experience does not suffer. Similarly, once cellular service quality is restored, the user is moved back to LTE.

“Smartphone users consume 93% of their data indoors, so the provision of a consistent quality of service inside every building, on every floor, is mobile operators’ greatest connectivity challenge,” said Dave Fraser, CEO, Devicescape. “Indoor service must be consistent with the quality of the best outdoor 4G/LTE experience, and this is precisely what our Coverage Continuity solution enables.”

The amenity Wi-Fi from which the Devicescape CVN is built is offered by businesses to their customers for free, and represents a connectivity megatrend. According to Devicescape research, in the U.S., amenity Wi-Fi is available in 99% of airports; 95% of hotels; 71% of stadiums/convention centers; 72% of museums; 68% of cafes/bars; and 69% of fast food establishments.

“Users don’t care how they get connected, and no single technology in isolation can provide universal connectivity,” Fraser continued. “With Coverage Continuity, mobile operators have their customers covered—even beyond the reach of the best of cellular—meaning they can direct expensive small cell and DAS deployments to only the most essential locations.”

The indoor connectivity challenge is one of the issues addressed in Devicescape’s recently published Connectivity First Manifesto, which can be downloaded at

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