Devicescape Supersizes Mobile Data Experience

Commercial deployments show increased Wi-Fi consumption drives appetite for cellular data

San Bruno, Calif., December 11th, 2014 — Devicescape today shared new data demonstrating that consumer consumption of cellular data grows significantly for the majority of users following the introduction of an integrated Wi-Fi and cellular service.

Figures from commercial deployments of Devicescape’s ABC (Always Best Connected) solution revealed a 17% increase in billable monthly cellular data use from 64% of end users.

Devicescape’s policy-based ABC solution intelligently manages the movement of users between cellular networks, the Devicescape Curated Virtual Network of 20 million amenity Wi-Fi locations worldwide, and private hotspots in the home and office.

Given automated access to the best available networks, end users ‘supersized’ their overall data consumption. Within three months, the average user’s combined cellular and Wi-Fi data consumption grew by 48%.

While a 17% increase in cellular data represents an excellent operator revenue opportunity, end users themselves were able to exploit Wi-Fi for a dramatic increase in overall data consumed against a small incremental investment in cellular.

“When operators deliver an intelligent, integrated Wi-Fi and cellular experience like this, end users choose to use more of everything,” said Dave Fraser, CEO of Devicescape. “The user’s cost-per-megabyte comes down, the customer experience improves and the operator drives up ARPU.”

Devicescape’s ABC solution gives operators sophisticated policy controls to drive a range of outcomes, addressing different market segments. While some operators that have deployed shared data plans are using it to drive increased cellular usage, others that favour unlimited data plans are configuring the solution to more effectively manage network resources.

“Mobile operators have long worried that Wi-Fi use will cannibalize cellular data,” said Fraser. “But, as these figures show, the opposite is true. Always Best Connected gives consumers a lot more data for a little more spend, and it frees operators to manage and monetize the entire data experience.”


Notes to editor
Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network (CVN) is a crowd-sourced, cloud-managed network of more than 20 million amenity Wi-Fi hotspots monitored in real-time for performance. The CVN allows operators to offer a quality-controlled and automatic Wi-Fi connectivity experience in public places.

About Devicescape
Devicescape operates the world’s largest Wi-Fi service platform, delivering Access, Insight, and Engagement Services for operators, mobile application providers, and device manufacturers. Powered by a global Curated Virtual Network of tens of millions of amenity Wi-Fi locations, including those provided by some of the world’s most popular service and retail brands, the Devicescape Service Platform enables an unparalleled customer experience at an unmatched operating cost.

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