The Devicescape Service Platform (DSP), comprising the Curator Client, Curator Cloud, and Curated Virtual Network, creates the world’s largest Wi-Fi service platform. Layered on top of the DSP are a range of carrier-class services for telecom operators to enable subscriber Access and Engagement and to deliver Insight into consumer behavior.


Working individually or in concert, Devicescape’s Access Services provide telecom operators with multiple options for efficiently and automatically connecting their subscribers to selected Wi-Fi networks—at home, at work, in public areas, or internationally. They enable telecom operators to deliver a highly configurable “always best connected” experience to their customers.


Devicescape provides operators, their subscribers, and venue owners with the means to engage meaningfully over the Wi-Fi network via Engagement Services. These allow operators to maintain subscriber engagement and deliver brand messaging, venue owners to interact directly with their customers, and consumers to access the rapidly developing Popwifi neighborhood social network.


Completing the suite is Insight Services—the tools to deliver intelligence on subscriber activity and behavior when they are connected to Wi-Fi, the networks that see more data traffic than telecom operators’ cellular infrastructure. From reporting to analytics and big data feeds, Devicescape’s Insight Services allow operators to truly understand the full spectrum of smartphone use.


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