Devicescape Engage

Harness the world’s largest Wi-Fi Beacon Network to deliver proximity engagement from your app or SDK.

Accurate presence detection ensures high relevance, driving industry leading click through rates.

Engage offers a unique combination of:

  • In-venue precision
  • Huge location reach
  • High response rates
Devicescape Engage ensures messages are delivered to consumers when they have entered chosen Places of Interest.

Lock screen notifications combined with precision location relevance drive high consumer engagement rates.

A consumer enters a store within our network where advertising is live.

Our solution serves a lock screen notification to their smartphone.

The notification directs the consumer to an online advert, offer, or coupon.

Benefit from industry-leading CTRs of 13% – 20%

Flexible campaign configurations

Engage Nearby enables brands to drive foot traffic and hyperlocal awareness by messaging users, in-venue, within a radius of their chosen locations.

Nearby is a uniquely precise form of geo-fencing, allowing consumer engagement at specific locations, chains, or location types within a given area.