Mobilizing the World’s
Largest Wi-Fi Resource

New Language of Wireless Marketing

iPass to integrate Devicescape CVN

Landmark initiative unites substantial commercial and public Wi-Fi resources for the first time.

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CEO Dave Fraser at MWC15

CEO Dave Fraser at MWC15

Dave Fraser talks Coverage Continuity and Connectivity First with bnetTV’s Andrea Smith at Mobile World Congress.

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Coverage Continuity

Coverage Continuity

Unique connectivity safeguard allows operators to maintain connection quality in challenging cellular conditions.

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Automating Access

Amenity Wi-Fi is the richest wireless resource there is.

Our Curation process uses crowd-sourcing to discover the best available amenity Wi-Fi locations.

It uses cloud-based machine learning to combine more than 20 million locations into a single network, quality-controlled in real time.

We call this the Curated Virtual Network.

The Devicescape Curated Virtual Network includes amenity Wi-Fi locations provided by some of the world’s most popular service and retail brands.
Devicescape data users and data

Delivering Insight

Insight into the user experience is an asset.

The smartphone is the portal to that experience.

Because Devicescape monitors a smartphone’s entire activity — across all networks — we are able to deliver true, 360-degree insights.

The data we amass provides the complete picture of the user’s connectivity experience. Available in a range of feeds, formats, and levels of depth, it creates brand new revenue opportunities.

Driving Engagement

The benefits of amenity Wi-Fi extend beyond user convenience.

With the right approach, amenity Wi-Fi can become a high-impact communication channel between the customer and the business offering the connection.

Devicescape’s suite of Engagement solutions give businesses the tools they need to drive real-time, contextual customer interaction.

And because it’s entirely cloud based, there’s no need for hardware upgrades.

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About Devicescape

Devicescape operates the world’s largest Wi-Fi service platform, delivering Access, Insight, and Engagement Services for operators, mobile application providers, and device manufacturers. Powered by a global Curated Virtual Network of tens of millions of amenity Wi-Fi locations, including those provided by some of the world’s most popular service and retail brands, the Devicescape Service Platform enables a Connectivity First customer experience at an unmatched operating cost.