Give your app the
Power of Presence

With Devicescape Presence, your app or SDK becomes aware when end users enter any of the millions of popular, categorized, and branded locations covered by our Wi-Fi beacon network.

Every Presence Alert is an opportunity to deliver value or drive monetization.

Precision and Reach

Devicescape Presence offers in-venue precision comparable to Bluetooth beacons — with scale and availability that Bluetooth cannot match.

Our merchant-independent network gives you:

Unrestricted access
High-accuracy presence
Millions of locations
Hundreds of top brands

And — because our network is crowd sourced — it’s growing all the time.

High-Accuracy Presence right where you need it

We cover over 75% of top U.S. retailers

+100,000 U.S. Quick Service Restaurants

EG: All Walmart, Malls, and Electronics Stores

Country, state / county, city