Devicescape’s UK Curated Virtual Network Powers Past Half Million Milestone

UK CVN exceeds 500,000 access points as crowd-sourcing drives continued rapid growth

London, UK, February 10th, 2016 — Devicescape today announced that its UK Curated Virtual Network (CVN) of amenity Wi-Fi hit half a million access points (APs) in December 2015, more than doubling its footprint inside a year.

The UK CVN surpassed 500,000 APs less than two years after commercial launch with Virgin Media in February 2014, when it numbered just 17,500 locations. It was measured at 215,000 APs in February 2015.

Such rapid expansion is enabled by Devicescape’s patented, crowd-sourced network curation process, which discovers and assesses new Wi-Fi locations automatically. Those that meet strict guidelines for quality and availability are added to the CVN.

A steady increase in the number of Devicescape-enabled smartphones within the Virgin Media customer base has been another key factor in improving both the reach and rate of the network discovery process in the UK.

Meanwhile amenity Wi-Fi — made available by numerous consumer-facing businesses — continues to flourish in the UK, providing the fuel for CVN growth.

In a recently published report, Devicescape charted the high quality of Wi-Fi connectivity made available by UK high street brands from a range of sectors, with retail and ‘food on the go’ brands leading the charge, closely followed by restaurants and coffee shops.

“To reach half a million access points in the UK from a standing start in such short order is testament to the unique capabilities of our solution,” said Dave Fraser, CEO, Devicescape. “The rate at which we are able to grow the CVN also reflects the vision and commitment of our operator partners, and we look forward to passing the next milestone in the expansion of the UK CVN.”

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Devicescape operates the world’s largest multi-service Wi-Fi Platform, delivering Access, Insight, and Engagement solutions for network operators, mobile application providers, device manufacturers, and retailers. Powered by a global Curated Virtual Network of tens of millions of amenity Wi-Fi access points, including those provided by some of the world’s most popular service and retail brands, Devicescape enables a Connectivity First customer experience at an unmatched operating cost.

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