Whole Foods Market – Free Wi-Fi

Posted on September 30, 2007

I dropped by the new Whole Foods Market in Oakland this weekend and noticed that they had free Wi-Fi storewide. So, I added it to Devicescape allowing all your Wi-Fi devices to get online while you shop.

Devicescape iPhone Alpha-Test

Posted on September 15, 2007

Our friends at Nullriver added Devicescape Connect to the package list this afternoon, so everybody can now download it and try it out. Please be aware that this is very much an alpha release. We’re looking for your feedback on this one. Tell us whether it works (and, just as important, if it doesn’t). Also, we don’t have personal networks or Wi-Fi buddies in there yet, though we’re looking at how that can be done. If you haven’t installed it yet, the email responder for iphone@devicescape.com will be updated on Monday with download and installation instructions; if you can’t wait, install the Nullriver Installer.app and follow your instincts. If you get stuck, post something in our forum, add a comment here or send us an email – whatever works best for you.

Announcing Devicescape for your Apple iPhone

Posted on September 12, 2007

So you’ve got what is perhaps the coolest mobile device on the planet, an Apple iPhone. Now you make it even better by adding Devicescape Connect. Then you too can be standing in line at your favorite coffee shop and feel your iPhone vibrate as new email comes in over high speed Wi-Fi. We’re in the process of getting it ready for download, hopefully later this week. If you’d like to take part in our early access release, let us know via an email to iphone@devicescape.com and we’ll send you installation instructions as soon as everything is ready.