Posted on February 21, 2014

Devicescape is excited to showcase it’s engagement services at Mobile World Congress 2014. Accessed through any of the over 20 million hotspots that make up Devicescape’s CVN, Popwifi aims to better connect individuals with the places they frequent most and gives them the ability to share what they love about a particular place with anyone else in their community. Through Popwifi, end-users can automatically and seamlessly connect to the best nearby wifi network to surf the web as they please while also get the ability to rate and review these businesses. To learn more about Popwifi’s benefits to both venue’s and end-users, visit the Popwifi Venue Experience Manager and Popwifi Customer Experience sections of our website. If you can’t make it to our booth at MWC, and you want to see all this in action, please view our brand new video below: