Green Technology

Posted on July 2, 2008

If you haven’t been swept away by the flash flood of green tech and green groups sprouting up these days, you must be living under a rock. Everywhere I turn, there is a new green company and a new green trend. Just last week at the Connections Digital Living Conference, a company that shared the stage with us was successfully touting it’s eponymous Green Plug technology. That same week I was invited by Premier Power to a party at a green bar, the Temple, where, according to the invite…”Green is Glamorous.”

Is it a bubble? Almost certainly there are bubblicious aspects to what has been happening – lots of money flowing into an unproven and low P/E industry, but greener technology is an essential ingredient in the future of technology if not the future of the entire planet.

I’ve heard some great ideas – and my favorites so far are the ones that are simplest. Easier ways to recycle. Solar powered NOCs. Universal plugs for devices and gadgets that save waste (and the amount of weight I have to pack when I travel). Solar powered device chargers. Solar powered Wi-Fi access points. And just so I don’t focus exclusively on a theme of devices and Wi-Fi here – I must admit to be a fan of the green bar 😉Solar Powered Prius

Here’s a short list of companies and blogs I consider worthy of your consideration:

Green Wi-Fi
Premier Power
Green Plug

Check these out and let me know your favorites too.