Apple App Store Liftoff!

Posted on September 29, 2008

I’m excited to announce the availability of Devicescape for iPhone and iPod Touch on Apple’s App Store.  Thanks to all of our users out there who have been so patient: it took us a lot longer than we thought to figure out how to make this release! As you can see in this screen shot, the new version looks quite a bit different.  Because of Apple’s current limitations on running in the background you need to launch the app to login.  But you can manage your account and check your usage history directly, which I think is quite handy. If you’d like to check out the application, search for “Easy WiFi” on iTunes  or download it directly from the App Store.

Devicescape Now in Nokia Download! Folder

Posted on October 16, 2007

It became official last week – the Devicescape application is now available on Nokia Nseries phones right from the Download! folder. This means even more people worldwide will be able to use the great Devicescape auto-Wi-Fi connect service and all the other great Devicescape features, like the ability to add personal networks and share with Wi-Fi Buddies. You’ll recognized the Devicescape “bug” and it’s called Easy WiFi – because – hey it is! If you haven’t read about this yet, check out the press release (also available in French and German) or read some of the great articles that have already been published.

Devicescape iPhone Alpha-Test

Posted on September 15, 2007

Our friends at Nullriver added Devicescape Connect to the package list this afternoon, so everybody can now download it and try it out. Please be aware that this is very much an alpha release. We’re looking for your feedback on this one. Tell us whether it works (and, just as important, if it doesn’t). Also, we don’t have personal networks or Wi-Fi buddies in there yet, though we’re looking at how that can be done. If you haven’t installed it yet, the email responder for will be updated on Monday with download and installation instructions; if you can’t wait, install the Nullriver and follow your instincts. If you get stuck, post something in our forum, add a comment here or send us an email – whatever works best for you.

Announcing Devicescape for your Apple iPhone

Posted on September 12, 2007

So you’ve got what is perhaps the coolest mobile device on the planet, an Apple iPhone. Now you make it even better by adding Devicescape Connect. Then you too can be standing in line at your favorite coffee shop and feel your iPhone vibrate as new email comes in over high speed Wi-Fi. We’re in the process of getting it ready for download, hopefully later this week. If you’d like to take part in our early access release, let us know via an email to and we’ll send you installation instructions as soon as everything is ready.

Linux World Mobile Devices – Neo1973

Posted on August 8, 2007

Although this version doesn’t contain Wi-Fi (so it is less interesting for Devicescape members), the mass market version due out later this year will include Wi-Fi support. The platform, based on the open source community project called OpenMoko. OpenMoko is a very complete Linux based environment for mobile phones, and while the Neo is the reference there is also work to get it running on other mobile phone platforms.

Linux World 2007

Posted on August 7, 2007

While a lot of the blogging today has been around the Apple announcements this morning, I wanted to post something about the Linux World show, happening this week in San Francisco. I’m sitting at the edge of the show floor right now, having completed a first pass across the floor, and I thought I’d share the things that caught my attention.