Devicescape for the iPhone App Store

Posted on August 12, 2008

Wanted to keep you all posted that we’re working hard on an official release of Devicescape for Apple’s App Store.  All being well this will make it out there in the very near future.  The exact acceptance process and timeline is a little bit unclear. I’m very excited about the new application as it’s much improved, with plenty of handy new features which improve usability.  The team here has done a very nice job.  The current limitations of Apple’s SDK don’t allow us to work in the background so you need to start the application and hit “login”.  Still, that’s a lot nicer than wrangling with Safari and tedious login pages. Many thanks to the hundreds of thousands of you with the current “hacked” version, for your enthusiasm and patience.   Watch this space!

SF New Tech (November)

Posted on November 8, 2007

Sorry I didn’t get an announcement up for this ahead of time, but we presented Devicescape last night at November’s SF New “Mobile” Tech, at the Mighty last night. I’d like to extend our thanks to Myles for organising the event, despite being no more than a few days away from becoming a father, and also to all the folks in the audience who already had Devicescape installed on their iPhones, iPod touches, Nokia phones, tablets and other mobile devices. It was amazing to see people hold up iPhones/iPods with the Devicescape UI open when I asked how many had Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices! Also want to mention my co-presenters for the night: Veeker 2.0: Rodger Raderman, Co-Founder Mosio: Noel Chandler, Co-Founder Pazap: Dominic Son, Founder Waterfall Mobile: Matthew Silk, EVP It was great to see so many folks embracing mobile, something that Devicescape is committed to making simpler for people to use everyday, everywhere.

Linux World Mobile Devices – Neo1973

Posted on August 8, 2007

Although this version doesn’t contain Wi-Fi (so it is less interesting for Devicescape members), the mass market version due out later this year will include Wi-Fi support. The platform, based on the open source community project called OpenMoko. OpenMoko is a very complete Linux based environment for mobile phones, and while the Neo is the reference there is also work to get it running on other mobile phone platforms.

Linux World 2007 Hot Spot

Posted on August 7, 2007

Devicescape users who are attending the Linux World 2007 show in San Francisco can add the show’s free hotspot network to their ‘My WiFi’ list to have their devices connect automatically. No need to see that captive portal just to sync your email, or to make that VoIP call home. I’ve tested it on my laptop (running Linux of course since this is Linux World), and my Nokia N95 mobile. Check out my history below, and please leave a comment if you use the service while you’re at the show.

Linux World 2007

Posted on August 7, 2007

While a lot of the blogging today has been around the Apple announcements this morning, I wanted to post something about the Linux World show, happening this week in San Francisco. I’m sitting at the edge of the show floor right now, having completed a first pass across the floor, and I thought I’d share the things that caught my attention.

Geek Sessions

Posted on August 1, 2007

I attended the July Geek Sessions event last night in San Francisco. On the panel, to present their experiences with surviving the hockey stick, were Sandy Jen from Meebo, Nick Heyman from VideoEgg, Rod Gorodetzky from digg and Jonathan Abrams from Socializr (and formerly Friendster). I’d missed the first event because I was on my European odyssey, which if it was anything like last night’s is a shame. The panelists provided some interesting insight into the problems they faced scaling up websites to cope with an exponentially growing userbase. In addition to that, the folks from Arcscale gave away a number of skate boards, B-Hive gave away an iPhone, and there was an open bar and hor’deurves served after the presentations.